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Why is packaging more important than ever?

Written by Weavabel, published 23/10/20 00:00

The simple answer is e-commerce is booming.

As the retail scenario is changing, it is imperative that we evolve with it and develop new or innovative ways of staying ahead in this challenging game.

The High Street Stores are experiencing adversity as browsing the stores is less appealing with all the current restrictions and social distancing in place. Due to the introduction of face coverings, the length of time that customers spend browsing is reduced. Many people are choosing to shop online and have their goods delivered direct to their door.

In order for these goods to arrive in pristine condition they must be properly protected during transit. Research shows that you have 7 seconds in which to impress your customer when they receive a parcel. Within those first 7 seconds, customers could decide whether they like a product – especially if it arrives in a damaged, crushed box. How your product arrives is key to whether it is a firm favourite or a returned item. It is equally important that your packaging conveys brand identity which registers with your customers.

Whether it arrives in an eye-catching mail bag or a luxurious branded box is your choice.  There are vast possibilities for shipping your products – including not only various textures, colours, and compositions but also other products too. You can also use envelopes, stickers, tissue paper, dust bags – not just boxes and mail bags.

Start on the right foot, choose a future-proof option.

In order to protect our environment there are many sustainable options available. Weavabel have an eco-friendly range and adhere to strict codes of practise and certification of materials to ensure they conform to the standards required.

Mailing bags can be made from 100% recycled LDPE (sourced from pre-consumer public waste) which is waterproof, light and durable.

Or if you prefer a Kraft fluted flat-pack box to present your product this is also lightweight and durable, made from 100% FSC board. There are many print options available if you choose to brand the box, or you could use a branded tissue paper to give that special impression.

Even a small label on a plain box, although a little addition, can catch the eye and further forge your brand. These are produced from 100% paper pulp.

Recycled cotton dust bags, made from sustainable organic cotton, add a unique perspective whilst further protecting its contents.

The decision is yours.

Above all, we mustn’t sacrifice the function. A practical easy to open uncomplicated package delivers a creative impression and helps to differentiate your brand.