How Flat-Pack Packaging Can Be a Brand’s Secret Weapon

Flat-pack packaging isn’t something plain that stacks easily in your warehouse. It’s a canvas for your brand's creativity - here’s why.

Flat pack packaging example

When people hear ‘flat-pack packaging’, they envision plain yet efficient and convenient boxes. It’s true - they’re easy to store, but they can be both functional and fashionable.

From casual to classy, here’s how flat-pack packaging can be your brand’s secret weapon. 

More Versatile Than You Think 

lelloue flat pack packaging

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We know flat-pack packaging is convenient. The best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice style for that benefit either. It’s the perfect canvas for printing techniques like embossing and foil stamping, giving you the tools to create something memorable that resonates with your brand.

Luxury swimwear brand Lelloue bestows classic soft touch silk laminate for its flat-packed box, complete with a spot UV black logo on the exterior. With glamorous designs inspired by retro looks, including 1970s prints, the brand's packaging looks right at home with their fashion collections. A subdued orange coated board, reminiscent of the iconic decade.

A wide double-sided poly-satin ribbon is attached to the inside and magnetic fasteners hold the box together, making it easy to assemble and store. There are many ways to make flat-pack packaging unique. Use added features such as windows, ribbon pulls and magnetic closures. Adaptability is what makes this one of the most popular creative packaging formats.

Can Be Made sustainably

sustainable flat pack packaging

There’s no need to go into detail about why sustainable packaging is important. You already know that. Millennials are backing brands who aren’t socially and environmentally responsible into a corner. 

With the demand for more eco-friendly processes rising, it’s vital we look for more sustainable solutions for our packaging. Big brands are already making the transition. 

Simple cardboard flat-pack packaging is extremely effective. It can utilise the environmental credentials of recycled board and celebrate the simplicity of the material. Easily sourced, sustainable and strong, it protects your items and makes sure it survives transit. It arrives at your consumer perfect, providing a quality unboxing experience to form part of the all-important brand image, especially useful for eCommerce giants. 

Not only does it help to create a circular economy and have an extended life when used this way, but flat-pack packaging can also be tailored to precisely fit the intended contents. This means no space is wasted inside, minimising the production process, supply chain and carbon footprint. 

Space Efficient For Storing 

Rapha flat pack packaging and other packaging types

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Arguably the best benefit of flat-pack packaging is how easy it is to store. They’re typically supplied in flat-pack form but can be easily built with packing tape when required. 

Rapha is an international sports and lifestyle brand focused on road cycle clothing and accessories. The brand's flat-pack packaging is made from lightweight paper stock, matt laminated and a sleek white hue. A key feature of theirs is the larger breathing holes in their shoes and this is represented in the packaging with a laser cut sleeve.

All the elements unite to provide Rapha with something different, durable, reusable and transportable. It’s unbelievable how the majority of this is flat-packed.

When you ship directly to customers, the packaging is typically the first encounter they have with your brand. It's the physical manifestation of your company so you have to make sure it’s worthy of your brand. That’s why your packaging needs just as much attention as your garments themselves.

Produce Spectacular Flat Pack Packaging Solutions With Our Guide

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