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Your care labels educate your customer on how to look after their new purchase, whether it’s sharing washing instructions or the materials your product is made from, you can include as much or as little information as you like. There are four key areas that need to be considered when labelling garments - care labelling, fibre content, country of origin and flammability.

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It is important to choose a care label quality that is as durable as the product it was developed for. With a varying range of eco-based materials available to you - from recycled polyester satin to GOTS organic cotton - there is now an eco-friendly offer for brands of all sizes. 

Look through the different examples below and then speak to us to begin developing the care labels for your next collection.

Sustainable care labels

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Garment and textile labelling

We work with UKFT, the UK representative of GINETEX and can help you to use the internationally applicable care labelling symbols correctly on your garments. GINETEX symbols are a protected trademark that is used throughout Europe as well in many other countries including Japan, China and India. Working with a clothing branding partner like Weavabel guarantees that your care labels are fully recognized by the ISO 3758 standard. Start working with us today to develop the care labels for your brand. 


Lead times

While it does vary, depending on the production location, delivery destination and order quantity, our lead times are typically 2-3 weeks for sampling, and then a further 2-3 weeks for bulk production.


Minimum stock value

Our minimum stockholding value is £10,000 annually. This can be set up across multiple currencies and for several locations, including Hong Kong, Turkey, Portugal and the United Kingdom.



There are several factors that affect the price of care labels, the substrate, size and number of variations.  As an example the cost of a 35mm x 60mm recycled polyester satin printed label like the Weavabel example will be approximately £0.25/pc for 1000 pieces.

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