Creating a transparent fashion industry

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Supply Chain Management

As a consumer, you are conscious of what you buy. Governments are introducing more legislation to reach sustainability goals meaning that brands and retailers need to be transparent. Gain from standardised validation from transaction and scope certificates for GRS, RCS, GOTS, RWS, and audit certifications like BSCI, SMETA, WCA, amongst others.

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Activate real-time traceability of certified material in your supply chain

The Weavabel platform unlocks insightful supply chain information. The journey of your clothing item is mapped by data submitted by supply chain partners, vetted by peers and our blockchain-powered platform.

By offering verified insights we help the fashion industry to make educated decisions, so people, planet and profit can be honestly distributed.

We've collaborated with traceability experts, Retraced, to help answer some of the questions you may have in a webinar. There were discussions on the latest sustainability legislations and regulations, supplier mapping, product and material traceability, as well as product passports.

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Supplier mapping

As your nominated label supplier, we ensure that each supply chain partner uploads product data, pictures and documents. Using this encrypted time-stamp and geo-location data, we can then check and verify the information.


Product traceability

Consolidate the data from sub-suppliers and product styles with the help of Weavabel and start mapping out traceability for various value chains.


Material traceability

The platform creates a transparent fashion supply chain. It allows brands and retailers to capture data easily and report to stakeholders, lowering the burden of your sustainability, CSR or compliance team.

Start your traceability journey today

Whether you're a brand, a retailer or a supply chain partner, sign up today to activate real-time traceability within your clothing production process.

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NFC Badge

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Add NFC chips to your labels, tickets & badges

  • Product authentication
  • Product/supply chain transparency and customer education
  • Simply scan the product with your mobile phone to access the data
  • Products can be encoded with variable data in batches, or simple data in one production
  • Made with a PET base material and an aluminium antenna
  • Chips are safe for standard home washing

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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

Transform inventory management with RFID for greater supply chain visibility.

This technology allows objects to be wirelessly identified using data transmitted via radio waves. Data is scanned and uploaded via cloud software that immediately updates your stock files. 

  • Efficient omnichannel operations
  • Increase sales by 2-7%
  • Increase inventory accuracy to over 95%
  • 10%-20% stock saving
  • Reduce stock counting hours
  • Accurate and fast access to information
  • Enhance sustainability
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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RFID scanning of clothes