Gift packaging

Customise the unboxing experience with our gift packaging.

Sustainability at the forefront

Gift packaging gives you the opportunity to tell a brand story, but it can often be seen as wasteful and unsustainable. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a range of eco-friendly products and materials so that you can please your customers whilst being environmentally responsible.

Every type of material

We’re constantly investing in finding the most innovative and sustainable materials. Our experts know the technical specifications inside-out, guiding you to the right choice for your project.
FSC board

FSC board

  • Traceable and certified to reduce deforestation 
  • Fully recyclable


  • Renewable source
  • Strong - perfect for bags and cosmetic packaging
  • Perfect for print/strong brand image


  • Strong and durable
  • Recycled Kraft available / recyclable
  • Can be FSC Certified
  • Natural brown or white colours available


  • GOTS Certified
  • Luxury brushed texture options
  • Natural renewable resource

Have you already found what you’re looking for?

Hush drawstring bag
Green luxury box
Card box with cut out elements
Gift box in white
Box with sections
Cylinder box

The unboxing experience

So much of the customer experience now hinges on unboxing. Gathering interest on social media, it’s the difference between your brand getting noticed and shared or thrown away and forgotten about. Inspire your next packaging project.

Everything you need

  • Boxes
  • Bags
  • Envelopes
  • Product cards
  • Gift bags
  • Display boxes
  • Magnetic flat pack
  • Folding gift box

Everything you need

Too good bag
Holland and Holland
White box with sections
White box with cut out elements
Hush bag
Round box
Too good bag
Holland and Holland
White box with sections
White box with cut out elements
Hush bag
Round box

Operations efficiency

We’ll take care of your gift packaging from design to delivery. We’ll deliver direct to your distribution centres, saving you time, money and emissions. All your products will be delivered in the most space-saving manner to preserve precious warehouse space.

Truly sustainable sourcing

A large portion of carbon emissions comes from the logistics in the supply chain. Our sustainable stitch-to-store sourcing model aims to minimise this impact.

With global distribution centres, we can ship your chosen labels directly to your vendor from the facility that’s closest to the destination. We’ll also handle all the stock management, so you have less to deal with.



Global Recycled Standard
Sedex member
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ISO 9001

Why choose Weavabel?

Minimum stock value

Our minimum stockholding value is £10,000 annually. This can be set up across multiple currencies and for several locations.

Fast delivery

A quick turnaround of your stock, with lead times typically taking between two and four weeks.

Hassle-free orders

Simple repeat ordering through our stockholding site, making your products easily accessible.

Great communication

We’ll liaise all the finer details directly with your vendors, giving you one less thing to manage.

Have an enquiry?

We can help with that. If you have any questions about our services, lead times and costs, simply give us as much detail as you can and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What certifications do you offer?

We have a range of certified materials, including FSC, GOTS, GRS, Carbon Neutral and more. You can find out more about our certifications here.

Do you do standard packaging sizes?

Here at Weavabel, our speciality is bespoke packaging. Get in touch with our experts who are happy to help you find the perfect gift packaging solution for you. Depending on your product types, we can guide you on the best sizes, materials and finishes for your brand.

What inks do you use for printing?

We predominantly use vegetable and soy-based inks rather than chemical-based inks. This may vary, so always discuss with your point of contact.