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Choosing the right materials for your brand label is as important as choosing the right materials for your products, as your brand label will stay attached to your product once all of the other packaging has been removed.

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Recycled Polyester Woven Label

Innovative ideas, developed designs, delivered quality you can count on

Your label can be designed to meet your aesthetic, material or cost aims - and produced and delivered to the highest quality. With a diverse range of eco-based materials and finishes to choose from, there is an offer to suit your requirements.

Look through the different examples below and then speak to us to begin developing the labels for your brand’s next collection.

Sustainable woven & printed labels

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Lead times

While it does vary, depending on the production location, delivery destination and order quantity, our lead times are typically 2-3 weeks for label sampling, and then a further 3-4 weeks for bulk production.


Minimum stock value

Our minimum stockholding value is £10,000 annually. This can be set up across multiple currencies and for several locations, including Hong Kong, Turkey, Portugal and the United Kingdom.



While there are several factors which will affect the price of your label, the cost of a recycled polyester woven label will be between £0.20-£0.40/pc for 1000 pieces.

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We can help with that. If you have any questions about our products, services, lead times or costs, simply complete the form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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