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What Are Care Labels and Can You Brand Them?

Written by Weavabel, published 17/05/19 21:37

Any important information you want to add to your garments items can be added to a care label. They’re usually used for displaying material and washing details but they’re also a great way of getting creative with your garments to spread brand awareness. So, this post will recap what care labels are and how you can brand them to your advantage.

What are Care Labels? A QUICK Recap

Care labels educate the customer on how to look after their new purchase. Whether it’s washing instructions or the materials the clothing item is made from, you can include anything you like on your care labels.

Some businesses even include catchy slogans. A special addition like this can raise brand awareness and recognition.

They can be designed however you want them to be. You might not think that they add much value or serve much purpose to your garments other than for cleaning purposes. But, they can become an asset in boosting your brand identity.

Can You Brand Care Labels?

In short, yes. In fact, they assist the brand label in subtly reminding the consumer of who they’re wearing, long after the swing tag has been removed. Care labels are usually printed either on a satin material or a more natural looking cotton material. Though they can also be woven in broadloom quality.

The advantage of going woven is that it gives a more premium, long-lasting look particularly advantageous if your brand is targeting the more luxury market.

Both ways of branding your labels allow you to include important details and branded messaging, although printed is the most common of the two. The little details are usually the most important, as they show a level of quality that customers expect from your brand.

Branding your care labels can bring many benefits to your business, which is why the majority of successful fashion labels and brands choose to do so.

What are the Benefits of Branded Care Labels?

Add a Unique Finish

We’re not trying to say that buyers look straight to the label when it comes to making a purchase, but it’s just another way in which you can “woo” them if you add your own unique finish on there. This might not seem like a great benefit, but a well-designed and branded label can portray a great sense of class and quality within your garments.

Create Brand Consistency

You wouldn’t leave your branding off your website or marketing materials, would you? So why leave it off your labels? Having a branded label can give your clothes a clear identity and show that they belong to your brand.

Going that extra mile is what could set you apart from your competition. An amazing finishing touch could be the difference that leads a customer to choose your product over another.


Help Create a Buzz

A strong, eye-catching label can leave a lasting impression on your customers. So much so, they could even take to social media to share your designs with their follower base. This will boost your brand awareness and reach a target audience that you otherwise might never have been introduced to.

Plus, the better your label design, the higher the chance that people will stop and look at your post. They’ll create a buzz around your brand which could lead to more sales and more exposure for your business, which is never a bad thing.

Care labels can add great value to your business, so why not get inventive with your branding and see the amazing results they can bring?

Why Not Go sustainable?

If you're looking to go eco, then look for an experienced and reliable company that can print your care labels using vegetable inks on sustainable materials.

The right company will also use recycled polyester made from consumer plastic bottles. Or if you prefer a cotton base, certain companies can now print care labels on a 100% organic cotton base.

Enhance Your Garments with Care Labels and Swing Tags

Care labels aren’t the only way you can add a unique touch to your garments and items of clothing. Whether it’s swing tags, hang tags or even rivets, there are plenty of different ways to make your products look amazing.

For inspiration, we’ve put together the various ways in which we can enhance your products and clothing. To check out how to create the perfect swing and hang tags, download our free guide below.

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