How to create a brand story with tailored trims

Tailored trims can be the difference between your brand getting noticed or not. Find out more about how they can benefit you.

3 min read time | Dec 11, 2023 | Written by: Weavabel
tailored trims

Creating a cohesive brand image is a task many businesses must face to stay competitive.

But how can this be achieved? And how do tailored trims factor into the equation? This blog tells you everything there is to know about using them to build your brand identity.


Understanding your brand identity

Brand identity has a huge part to play in the success of your business, and its impact can’t be underestimated. It creates an identifiable story that gets your brand recognised and is cohesive throughout your products, services and operations.

It allows you to showcase what your brand offers and stands for. For example, weaving in your commitment to sustainability is always a positive at any stage in the brand journey.

But it’s not just as simple as picking the right colours, logos and designs. Brand identity spreads far wider and presents many more opportunities.


Showcasing your brand personality and connecting with your customers

The fashion, homeware and sportswear markets can be overcrowded, with hundreds of brands competing for customer attention. A strong brand identity can help you stand out amidst fierce competition.

There are many benefits of showcasing your brand personality, including creating a feeling of loyalty with your customers, enhancing memorability, instilling trust and providing differentiation.

However, when creating a brand story, it’s not just the product that sells. It’s about the whole experience, from the swing tags on the branded labels to the printed packaging the product arrives in.

On top of this, sustainability is a growing concern for modern-day customers. As the climate crisis worsens, more consumers seek the most eco-conscious brands to spend their money with.

That’s why making sustainability a big part of your brand story and identity is so important. But how can you incorporate it throughout the customer experience?


Harnessing the opportunity of tailored trims

Tailored branded trims are an excellent way to showcase your brand story and commitment to sustainability and add customer value. They create a cohesive brand image from start to finish, positively impacting your customers.

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The labels found inside clothing are the identifying mark that makes your brand stand out. Choose from woven or printed versions in various materials, from organic cotton and biodegradable CiCLO® to recycled polyester.


Swing tags

Swing tags add the finishing touch to your brand image and provide an opportunity to give extra information to your customers.

Several sustainable materials are available, including straw paper, cork, seed paper, frosted paper, bamboo and organic cotton. These materials can also be GOTS or FSC-certified.

Adding the finishing touches can be the difference between your product being picked up and not. Debossed, printed and foiled options are available, as well as multiple layers of material.



From Barbour to Hunter, some classic badges make the brand what it is today. Why not use them as an opportunity to get your brand recognised?

There are embroidered, moulded and printed versions available in various materials, including recycled nylon, FSC-certified rubber and GRS-certified silicone.


Leathers & metals

The added extras often go the extra mile for your customers. From nickel pin badges to recycled nylon zip pullers and aluminium metal tabs, your iconic branding can be present throughout every part of your product with leathers and metals.



You can use tapes to enhance your garment design or unboxing experience, adding a unique look to your product or gift.

Tapes can be printed or woven and feature materials such as recycled polyester, elasticated, bamboo, paper and recycled polyester.


Looking for the perfect tailored trims?

Weavabel is the home of sustainable branded trims. Want to get inspired for your next project? Then download our product brochure. Filled with all our product options and inspiration for your future branding, you won’t want to miss out.

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