Insanely Creative Packaging

What makes buying any garment or product special? Here are 10 ideas of insanely creative and unique packaging ideas, including design inspiration and style.

Insanely creative packaging examples

What makes buying a garment, or actually any product, special? Is it the fact that you genuinely need it, or is it just because you found that particular item interesting? Yes, you may have needed that new t-shirt, but did you need that specific brand? The one with that little label wrapped over the edge of the sleeve and that comes in a cool paper bag? No, most likely not, but you bought it because it would make you feel better and feel fancy, even if it is the same thing as what you could get at the discount store, except for that little extra detail. This is the purpose of branding and packaging. Read on to find some really creative packaging ideas.

Packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells your product. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes the consumer feel in a certain way.

Knowing how to make your product stand out among all the others that are out there can be hard, so take a look at these 10 awesome packaging ideas and tips to draw inspiration from and learn how to make your packaging appeal to the masses.

  1. Use patterns. Step up simple packaging with eye catching and graphically pleasing patterns. Simple structures and designs can be taken up a notch with clever designs and colour usage.



  2. Consider all the space available for branding. Great packaging ideas create a surprise in the interior with pattern and print, meaning the packaging feels more luxurious which therefore makes the product inside seem more luxurious too.


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  3. Simplicity - don't be afraid. Create a solid and simple design and set it off with a simple texture in the board or a bright pop of colour


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  4. Think of the experience. Consider the actions a person will go through while walking through your stall, browsing your products online, or seeing your brand on the street. If it is a luxury item you are selling, consider protecting the product in several layers of branded packaging such as a dust bag, branded presentation box and then an outer bag for transport.  The simple act of layering adds to the experience and will make people spend more for this luxury aspect.


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  5. Be mordern.  Modern, sleek and simple designs stand out. Use clean lines, simple colours that work well together and sans serif fonts to give clarity. If the design is simple, minimalistic and attractive, it will draw attention from people who are curious about the product - they want to find out more.



  6. Utilise the product inside it. If you can use your product as part of the actual packaging, do it! See this awesome bird box with the shoe laces as part of the design, as a bird with a worm in it's beak.



  7. Be extreme. Nike really got clever when they packaged their Nike Air shoes not in a box, but in a bag of air! Very creative, and yet so literal.


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  8. Give a sneak peak. If the item you are buying is already packaged in store, then its nice to know how it looks. To be able to see what you are getting is very important.  Who knows what's lurking in those bags and boxes when you can't see inside? Show off your products and all their finery.


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  9. Use restricted colours. Create a cohesive look with colour. Take inspiration for your colour palette by creating a theme or story around the product you are selling. It will complement your product.


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  10. Think outside the box. Or sometimes think inside it. Break the conventions of what your product is 'supposed to' come in. Water typically comes in a clear plastic bottle. Water in a Box broke convention by packaging water in a carton. It sure grabs attention. How can you break convention with your product and store packaging?



You feeling creative and inspired now? We hope so!  There are limitless possibilities and ideas out there. The trick now is to make it fit consistently with your brand. It can be functional, re-purposeful, entertaining, attractive or outright crazy - but be sure of one thing, the more creative and inspiring your packaging is, the more likely your product is to sell. If you need more inspiration, or help creating your own packaging ideas, get in touch with us! We can then take it to the next stage and bring them to life!

Lynne Stutterheim - Marketing Co-ordinator

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