The Overlooked Importance of Retail Hang Tags

These underrated trims are often overlooked but can be beneficial in the ever changing fashion industry. Learn about the importance of retail hang tags

4 min read time | Jun 25, 2019 | Written by: Weavabel

Although many people think they are just there to tell the customer how much the item costs, hang tags are a branding opportunity that is often overlooked in the retail industry. Not only are they important for the end user, but they can support brand identity and increase awareness.

From what a hang tag means to the consumer to the different finishes available to further your branding, learn about the importance of the underestimated hang tag.

What a RETAIL Hang Tag Means for the End User of Your Product

Hang tags are beneficial for the details that are important to a customer such as sizing, pricing and brand. But they are so much more than that in today’s bustling retail industry. Here’s just some of the information you could include:

  • Care information - Advises the customer on how to wash their garment and makes your brand feel more credible.
  • Material details - This is especially important to environmentally conscious shoppers who want to shop sustainably.
  • Unique selling points - Differentiate your garment from the rest and flaunt its best attributes.

A high-quality branded swing tag ensures the customer that the product is of the same standard and adds to its credibility. Also, it gives you the space to demonstrate why they should choose your garment over any other brand.

Whether you’re showcasing the standout features that are a major selling point for the garment or including important material information, customers will resonate with this and take notice that the design includes these details that are often neglected. Connecting with consumers has never been more important.

A Famous Hang Tag That Demanded Attention and Broke Through the Noise

Innovative hang tags can be a selling point for your garment and in some cases, will be left on to showcase value, quality and the brand itself.

For example, Off White’s iconic industrial zip tie paired with the black and white striped hang tag. It contrasts with the luxury and expense of the fashion brand and everybody thinks twice about cutting that prestigious tag. This bold statement has created brand loyalty and customers will buy most things with that famous hang tag.

It shows that hang tag designs don’t have to be overly complicated and that a well-made one can establish itself as an industry leader. Breaking through the noise isn’t easy, but creating something with the potential to do so is made easier with the creativity hang tags give you.

More Important Than Ever: Eco-Friendly Retail Hang Tags

The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to pollution in the world. People are quickly becoming more educated about the brands they purchase from and their environmental impact. This includes the sustainability of the fabrics used right down to the material of the hang tag.

Opting for an eco-friendly alternative such as sustainable papers for hang tags and vegetable inks is a step towards reducing the harmful impact fashion has on the environment. Taking a position on sustainability ensures a place within the ever changing industry.

Different Finishes Can Create a Distinctive Effect for Your Branding

When your product is competing amongst others in an oversaturated retail environment - you need to stand out. Hang tags play a vital role in brand awareness and you’re missing the chance to extend your narrative if you’re not utilising them.

You’re no longer restricted to the traditional rectangle hang tag with the usual plain font price, sizing and logo. Bespoke clothing branding specialists can give you the tools to make truly individual garment trims.

Using cutting-edge printing techniques, you can create compelling designs for your retail hang tags that not only make an impact, but are in line with your branding.

  • Matte Lamination - Create a soft and subdued look with this technique that works well with a minimalistic design to really create a sophisticated hang tag.
  • Foil Stamping - Enhance the look of your hang tag by bonding metallic foil to create a highly visual and attention-grabbing finish.
  • Embossing - Using heat you can accomplish a raised effect which works especially well to make logos stand out against an intricate background.

These are just a selection of the innovative printing techniques that you could use on your hang tags. But as you can see, you really do have the power to create totally unique tags.

Are You Overlooking These Innovative Tags, Badges and Tickets Too?

So you know the importance of hang tags now. But are you neglecting the other important garment trims that could elevate your branding further?

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