Get ahead for next year with sustainable Christmas packaging

Need sustainable Christmas packaging for next year? Discover why it's so important and the options available.

2 min read time | Dec 4, 2023 | Written by: Weavabel
sustainable christmas packaging

Amidst the celebrations of Christmas, there’s the growing and often overlooked concern about packaging waste. Gift exchanges over the festive period can result in a surge of packaging waste headed to our landfills.

If you want to think sustainable for your Christmas packaging next year, we have plenty of options. Start exploring and see why moving to more sustainable options is so important.


Sustainable Christmas packaging: A need for change

While there are so many things people love about Christmas, the endless gifts, purchases and festive sales result in excessive waste; it’s estimated that 414,171 tonnes of cardboard and plastic packaging waste enter landfills in the UK over the festivities.

We’re all familiar with opening a gift inside wrapping paper, then a cardboard box, then possibly a plastic insert — not to mention the plastic tape that keeps it all together.

Although the experience of Christmas gifts should never be taken away, there should be a focus on making the result more sustainable.


Packaging types to consider

Instead of endless amounts of plastic waste, there are many sustainable packaging materials available for fashion, homeware, sportswear and gift brands.



Biodegradable materials break down over time, reducing waste in landfills. Organic cotton, cornstarch plastic and paper products are all examples of biodegradable packaging.



Recycling and repurposing materials minimise the overproduction of raw materials, encouraging a circular economy that reduces the impact of waste on the planet. Recyclable plastics, papers and fabrics can be used for Christmas gifts and packaging materials.



Renewable materials are resources that can be naturally replenished or regenerated at a rate faster than their consumption. Natural materials such as bamboo, cotton, hemp and wool are sustainable options for your Christmas projects.


Weavabel: The home of sustainable Christmas packaging

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Gift boxes

Available in a range of sustainable papers, some with FSC certifications, our recyclable, biodegradable and renewable gift boxes can be used for many products, including candles, shoes, clothing and more.


Reusable carrier bags

Carrier bags have become a big part of brand identity. Creating Christmas-specific designs means the bags are more likely to be reused, reducing waste. Many options are available, from kraft paper carrier bags to linen and organic cotton reusable bags.


Presentation boxes

Our presentation boxes feature a PET plastic window and make the perfect Christmas gift packaging for various products. Available in multiple sizes and shapes and fully customisable to your branding needs.



Complete the gift experience with branded compliment cards. Our sustainable paper options add the finishing touches.


Organic cotton dust bags

Dust bags have become a staple in the Christmas packaging lineup. Customise our organic cotton versions to help make your packaging options more responsible.


Want to explore the possibilities?

You can find our products with additional inspiration for your next packaging project in our product brochure. Download your copy and get inspired for next Christmas.

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