5 ways to brand your garment

Insights into the different ways a garment can be branded.

1 min read time | Oct 22, 2018 | Written by: Stefan Christie

So you have your brand name, the logo is designed and all you need now are some ideas of how to make your garment stand out. Let’s show you how…

The most popular branding types are;

  • Woven Labels
  • Heat Transfer
  • Silicon
  • Leather
  • Metal


Woven Labels

This is the most common type of label used in a garment. Although it’s the most popular it doesn’t just have to be woven and end-folded. You can laser cut, silicon print and even emboss your logo.


Heat Transfer

Soft, flexible & easy to apply. Heat transfers are a low-cost option for effective internal and external garment branding. Tech it up by adding a reflective print.



Used as external branding, silicon adds a technical look to your branding. The flexible & durable label can be moulded in to various shapes and designs. Usually stitched into place.



Heat deboss, emboss, print and infill are all various techniques that can be applied to leather. From ultra-soft lambs leather to synthetic PU.


Metals can be embossed, debossed or laser etched with your design on to various plating colours, techniques and finishes. They can also be applied to various backers from leather to silicon.


There are many other ways to enhance your garment with your brand, get in touch to discuss your options.

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