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We have worked with menswear brand SIRPLUS to make the switch to more sustainable materials for their garment trims.


The British menswear brand, SIRPLUS, was founded in 2011 when Henry Hales, the owner, noticed an opportunity to reduce fabric wastage within the shirt-making business. From the beginning, he has developed his products from surplus fabric that would otherwise be considered useless and thrown away. 

Every SIRPLUS garment is unique and the product range now includes jackets, shirts, knitwear and waistcoats.  They come in various luxurious sustainable materials such as silk, linen, cotton, Ecovero, cashmere and recycled polyester.

”SIRPLUS was founded with the belief that waste is, quite simply, too wasteful.”

Henry Hales, Founder


Sustainability is as important to SIRPLUS as it is to us, which helped to align our partnership with them.  We began working with SIRPLUS in 2019 to develop an eco-conscious alternative for their clothing labels and hang tags. 

We now supply bamboo paper swing tags and button bags, 100% recycled polyester woven labels, printed cotton labels and recycled polyester satin care labels for SIRPLUS. These are delivered directly to their clothing manufacturers in Portugal and the UK. 

Bamboo is a regenerative and biodegradable material, meaning that resources quickly regrow and garments will decompose if they end up in landfills.  This makes it an ideal tree-free alternative for swing tickets.

Using recycled yarns helps to create a more circular garment, by reusing yarns that would otherwise be wasted; therefore a perfect fit for SIRPLUS clothing.

Sirplus care label
sirplus tag

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