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CASE STUDY - Aries Arise

We have worked with Aries Arise to develop a wide variety of clothing trims including metal accessories, woven labels and recycled LDPE packaging.



“We make garments to order, in smaller quantities, from raw materials that are the best that can be sourced, in a factory where people feel a responsibility and a connection to the item that they are making, which means that not only is the outcome the best possible product, but it’s less wasteful, less harmful.

The London-based brand, Aries Arise, was founded by Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell. Both designers have a background in streetwear clothing and sought to connect this with high fashion with their new clothing brand.

With the ever-spreading influence of skate culture within the fashion industry, the brand has cleverly found its place as a luxury atelier but with a subculture twist, alongside the likes of Palace Skateboards and Slam City. 

From sweaters to jewellery, the vast range of Aries Arise products are produced to a high-quality standard and sold at a reflective high-end price.


Almost a decade ago, we started to work with the Aries Arise team to develop debossed leather patches for their jeans and outerwear.

Through our expertise in creating unique, specialised products, Weavabel was able to supply Arise with garment accessories that seamlessly align with their style.  We now develop and supply a broad selection of clothing trims, including branded woven and printed labels, varsity patches, metal carabiner clips, metal belt accessories and chains. 

We’ve also supplied packaging items such as cotton tote bags, poly bags and recycled LDPE ziplock bags for underwear. 

Red Trouser Black Patch

With a vast network of manufacturers for their clothing and accessory collections, Aries Arise also utilises our stockholding service, including our warehouse facilities in the UK and Portugal.

“Most of the manufacturers we work with have been working with us for so long that there’s basically a personal relationship between each garment sold and the person who made it;  everything has a special quality to it.”

Aries Arise

Aries carabiner


Aries produces 90% of its products in Italy, ensuring that their products are made to last by having such close relationships with manufacturers.

Kasper Black Red Bag


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