Recycled Materials


Eco-friendly materials can be used to produce Swing Tickets | Packaging Boxes | Over-rides | Paper Branding | Shop Display Branding | Polyester Woven Labels.

The quality of recycled material has vastly improved. The overall look and feel doesn’t always look flecked and feel grainy. Various finishes and colour applications can be applied to recycled material to achieve the look and feel that meets your brand quality.


Recycled Polyester Yarn


100% Recycled Polyester Yarn can be used to produce your woven labels. Full tractability is available upon request. We can provide you with details of where the yarn is produced and details of what it is made from.

Cost of labels on small runs is approximately 15% higher than non recycled, however on larger runs the cost is the same.

Organic Cotton


Organic cotton farming is carried out globally. Farm land is treated to remove any toxins and sufficient time is given to cleanse the land. Fertilizers and pesticides are not used and the cotton plants are not genetically modified.

The process is reduces pollution and water contamination due to removing the chemicals and pesticides from the growing process. Grown globally also helps reduce the carbon footprint.

We can produce your branded woven labels using organic cotton. It is a skin friendly material and is certified.

Eco Range - Sustainable Papers

Swing tickets and packaging produced using recycled papers or sources from sustainable forests. Recycled paper does not have to look ‘recycled’ with a flecked effect and a grainy feel.

Different finishes, colours and applications can be produced on recycled paper. If you have specific designs and finishes that you are trying to achieve then please contact us to discuss. Some of the products that we offer made from recycled paper includes: Swing Tickets & Hang Tags, Overriders, Packaging Boxes, Paper Branding & Display Branding.

Biodegradable Plastics

Made using substances such as cornstarch to dramatically reduce the environmental impact.

Opting for a biodegradable plastic is a huge step and something that needs to be discussed in detail to ensure that all your requirements can be met.

Vegetable Ink and Recycled Leather

Image of the Eco Range Products by Weavabel.

Vegetable inks are a great substitute for petroleum-based ink. They are environmentally friendly whilst achieving great colouring.

Recycled Leather – all the best characteristics of this natural product using recycled items.

Please contact us to discuss recycled leather or vegetable based inks in detail.


Recycled Woven Labels

Produced using recycled yarns.

Get the look and quality expected for your Brand whilst opting for recycled woven labels.

For more information on sustainable ranges, please feel free to contact us.