Polybag Webinar

When it comes to choosing the correct polybag there are a vast array of options. We'll be talking about the different qualities available with a focus on innovative and sustainable solutions.




When it comes to choosing the correct polybag for your brand there are a vast array of options. It must work for your product and supply chain. In this webinar we talk about the different qualities and options available, as well as covering off the sustainability aspects of each product because this aspect is becoming increasingly more important with new directives and legislation.  

There have been many studies on the challenges of garment delivery, which has found that polybags can be critical in ensuring garments stay clean and damage-free. This in turn reduces financial and environment costs because energy, water and resources would be required to replace unusable stock.  

We also discuss the ways there are to limit the impact of polybags, from reducing the size, using a thinner material, adding more products in the bags, sourcing recycled polybags and educating the customer on recycling, to name but a few. 


Polybag presentation
Polybag cheatsheet
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Rebecca Pickard, Channel Partner, Fashion Sector from Aquapak
Lucy Cowton, Sustainability Manager from Futamura
Rhys Stutterheim, Premium Account Manager from Weavabel