The packaging innovation toolkit

Packaging has evolved into new realms. What was once a box-ticking requirement now has the potential to showcase your brand’s identity, provide a point of difference and create a lasting impression.

If you’re looking to harness the power of packaging innovation and use it to your advantage, this is the toolkit for you. We’ll take you through what we have to offer, the materials and possibilities, and previous projects we’ve worked on with our clients.

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Premium Ethical Packaging and the Brand Experience Guide

This guide takes you through the importance of premium ethical packaging and its role in creating a memorable experience for fashion and homeware brands. As well as the benefits of ethical packaging, we will explain the different premium branding options and how we can help you achieve results.


Weavabel branding lab

At Weavabel, one of our biggest assets is our very own design lab. The video showcases a snapshot of what we can create for you and how we execute impactful branding solutions.



Textiles cheat sheet

During design and production, we use a wide variety of materials, from water-based PU leather and recycled silicone to straw paper and biodegradable plastics. Find out about each material, its properties, sustainability and uses.

Textiles cheat sheet



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