Where it all began

Founded in 1980, we started off in a small office in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK to supply woven labels to the brands and garment producers of the UK. We could see the potential for upgrading perceived garment values by converting the clothing trade from the use of printed name labels to the use of woven brand labels.

With passion and focus, it wasn’t too long before more staff were needed to try keep up with the customer requirements and Weavabel really began to grow. In 1985, hang tags were added to the range in order to complement the woven labels. Trims and packaging followed soon after.

By 1994, Weavabel relocated to Leeds – 10 minutes away and, in 2005, it was time for a purpose built, state of the art, warehouse and office in Yeadon (North of Leeds), UK. Operations in China, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and Hong Kong all followed later. Each location has been set up with the same drive and passion that meets the needs of fashion brands all over the world.

The Inside Advantage


The go-to partner to enhance your brand and create more value within the market place!  Complete, consistent and quality across all products and services, we offer speed and reliability, making us the one-stop-shop for your total branding package.

Getting to the heart of our customer’s brand and understanding it’s core, it’s values and it’s people is essentially how we work.  We’re led by innovation and creativity, augmented with authentic expression and over 20 years’ industry knowledge.

We are a branding partner that offers stock management, easy 24 hour online ordering and logistical support globally, backed up with an efficient processing system through instant communication and real time tracking.

We service Vendors in China, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and Hong Kong in local currency.

We offer the complete branding solution from design to delivery, concept to completion!