RFID Retail Solutions

Using RFID for inventory control enables any retailer to track their products from manufacturing and delivery to Point Of Sale.  If you are using a traditional UPC (unique product code) system, such as barcode labels, then you are limited to the information that is stored on that barcode and also they require line-of-sight reading meaning each item needs to be scanned individually.  With RFID labels on your products, they can be identified by the reader without having to open cartons and scan each item.

Retail Solutions

We ensure that we gain a full understanding of your company and its unique requirements to provide you with a bespoke but flexible RFID solution.  We work with industry leading hardware and software partners to provide you with a full end to end installation, covering source tagging, distribution centre logistics, in-store inventory control, loss prevention solutions and detailed analytics.  Contact us to learn how you can become part of the growing number of brands who are proving the benefits of implementing RFID.

Key benefits of using RFID

rfid-radio frequency identification stock control

Investing in RFID will provide your business with the following key benefits:

  • increased stock file accuracy
  • stock counting hours reduced
  • reduction of stock unavailable for web orders (where stock that is physically in stock is not available online, but could be)
  • reduction in ‘out of stock’ lines in store (system in the store can be inaccurate and RFID helps stores know when to replenish items)
  • uplift in sales due to stock file accuracy
  • quicker check out time
  • reduction in shrinkage